A Subway Ride to Remember


Mr. Fliorio exasperatedly looked at the Latina girl in the front row who was acting up yet again. This wasn’t anything new for him. Having taught at the same Brooklyn high school for 15 years, he felt that he’d seen it all before. He knew he could engage her with an argument or he could let her say her piece and then move on. He knew that she wanted the argument. It wastes class time, aggravates the teacher, and scores points with her friends in class.

Esmeralda was 5’2″ with a body like J-Lo, but with large breasts. She started yelling: “Yo, Mr. Florida! Like, this poem is stupid, yo. Like, who cares about the “captain?” What does it mean to me? I don’t give a shit!”

Mr. Fliorio was tired of correcting Esmeralda. He knew that she was mispronouncing his name on purpose. She knew it upset him. He hated how the boys in class would snicker under their breaths when she did it. He also saw how her two closest friends, Mari and Kim, would look at Esmeralda with respect and awe.

He just let her say her piece before replying. When he did, he was casual, yet obviously annoyed. He said, “The passion Whitman feels for slain President Lincoln demonstrates…”

“Yo!” Esmeralda cut him off. “I don’t care about that shit. It was, like, hundreds of years ago or somethin’. Who cares? Besides, I’m graduating in a month and I don’t need this shit no mo! Imma get me a job and maybe finally get out of my mom’s house. I mean, I am 18; am I right?” She asked the question to the class. Everyone nodded in agreement, and a few hooted and hollered with approval.

“Guys,” exclaimed Fliorio, “settle down! There’s more to life than quick money.” He felt the same boring speech coming on. He wanted to reach these kids, but he knew that he lost them early in the year and was never able to get them back. He did a poor job earning their respect. He could even hear insults on the street, though he can never see the offenders. He continued: “Life has passion, life has meaning….” But then the bell rang. The kids filed out.

In the hall, he could hear Esmeralda, Kim, and Mari talking. Mari and Kim were rapt listening to Esmeralda. Esmeralda called Fliorio stupid, and then she started attacking her friends. Kim was a heavy-set Korean girl who had little fashion sense. Esmeralda made fun of her pink shoes, the kind of shoe/slippers sold on street corners in Chinatown. Then Esmeralda turned to Mari. Mari was a tall, thin Latina with very small boobs. She had a marathon runner’s body. Esmeralda made fun of her boobs and told Mari that she’ll never get a man without a chest. Mari replied, “Hey, Essie; why you do me like that?” Esmeralda started laughing.

Fliorio hated how much he loved Essie’s laugh. It was so throaty and sexy. She had 34 C breasts which jiggled up and down in her tight top as she laughed. Since he was a kid, Fliorio found women’s laughter sexy. It was a real turn on. When he was married, he would tell his wife jokes or sometimes just tickle the hell out of her because it turned him on.

Now 37 and divorced, Fliorio spends his nights alone. Since the divorce 5 years ago, he let himself go. He used to be in great shape. Now the only thing he had going for him was his broad shoulders. At 5’8″, he was of a decent size, and he wasn’t fat. He still had all his dark brown hair. He simply wasn’t the hot, athletic guy he once was. He had trouble meeting women who understand his obsession with helping his students. Although his 5th period American Lit class was a bust, the rest of his classes went well. He was very active in several community organizations in Brooklyn helping kids after school and on weekends. His plate was full, so he had little time to meet women, or, in the case of his ex-wife, maintain a relationship. He often battled his loneliness by masturbating before bed. He often thought of Essie’s sexy laugh.

By the end of June, Essie’s prediction came true. Essie was the first in her family to graduate from high school. She just passed Fliorio’s lit class with a C-. She was pissed. She thought she deserved an A. She promised her friends that if she ever saw “Mr. Florida” on the street, she’d let him have it.

On a weekday afternoon on that following August, Fliorio was on the Sea Beach subway heading to Manhattan. This line was originally built for steam engines-long before the concept of a subway even existed. The line is an open cut just below street level. Fliorio liked the sunshine on the line. He also liked how the train rocked and swayed as it traveled over the ancient tracks.

Fliorio was reading his newspaper. At Kings Highway, three loud and obnoxious girls got on the train. The old train with it grey bench seats along each side was empty, so the girls’ laughter echoed through the train. Fliorio looked up from his paper to see on the bench across from him Essie, Mari, and Kim. They were all in shorts and bikini tops and flip-flops. Essie recognized Fliorio and stood up.

“Yo! Florida! Why you give me a C-, bitch? I ain’t yo student no mo, so you can’t say shit! What are you wearing? Are you wearing black shorts, and socks and sandals?” (He was.) “What kind of nerd are you? What the fuck, bitch?”

As aggressive as Essie was, she was smiling, enjoying herself. Fliorio knew this was all for show. He’d been told off before by other students and knew when they meant it. Essie was just putting on a show.

Hovering over him, she exclaimed, “What are you gonna do about it now, bitch?” Her heavy chest was hanging right before his eyes. Essie began laughing. That was too much. Fliorio started to get a hard on. Essie turned around to her friends. Her plump, juicy ass was right in front of him. The bottom of her ass cheeks were hanging out. She started to dance a victory dance for her friends, and Fliorio’s hard on began to rage.

As the train lurched into Bay Parkway, it made a sharp turn. Essie lost her balance and landed right in Fliorio’s lap. Instinctively, Fliorio grabbed on to Essies’ exposed sides and said, “What am I gonna do about it? This is what I’m gonna do about it!” With that he began to tickle Essie’s sides.

She immediately lost it. She was laughing uncontrollably. As the train pulled out of the station, she began bouncing up and down on his lap, his dick getting rubbed by that amazing ass through their clothes. She tried to escape, but his grip was too strong. He could feel her heaving chest bouncing off of his hands as he played her sides like an accordion.

Essie yelled to her friends for help. Fliorio yelled out, “Guys, this is your chance to get her back for all the shit she’s said to you. Tickle her feet!” With that, Mari got up and knelt down in front of Essie. She said, “Ohhhh…..Essieeee. These feet look so gooood. Tickle, tickle, tickle!” Mari made the spider like finger moves as she reached for Essie’s right foot. Mari pulled the flip-flop off and lightly stroked Essie’s foot, teasing her by saying things like “Koochie, koochie, koo!”

Essie was now jiggling on Fliorio’s cock. He was in heaven! Mari yelled out, “Hey Kim, get in here.” Kim was shy and not sure what to do. Essie managed to scream out, “Kim, if you do, you’ll regret it!” With that, Kim got angry, knelt down next to Mari, pulled off Essie’s left flip-flop, and started tickling her left foot with vengeance.

Essie went into complete hysterics! She became putty and went into a silent laughter mode. Her ass felt like a vibrator on Fliorio’s cock. He could feel his orgasm building. He couldn’t believe what was happening. Essie’s ass was grinding on his dick and the train was rocking and rolling back and forth. He started to grunt. He started to squirm. Her body was intoxicating. He began to loose his senses and then-ugh!-he blew his load in his pants!

As soon as he did, he stopped ticking Essie. He said to the other girls, “I think she’s learned her lesson.” Essie got up and still barefoot yelled out: “Who do you think you are? You’re my teacher! You can’t tickle me!”

Fliorio put his newspaper over his lap to hide the stain and breathlessly replied, “I’m not your teacher anymore, and besides, you’re 18 and a high school grad. Whatcha gonna do about it?” With that, Mari and Kim laughed at Essie.

The girls got off at Fort Hamilton Parkway. Essie flipped Fliorio off as she left the train. Fliorio got off at the next stop and took the Coney Island train back home. He had to change. He couldn’t believe what happened. He always fantasized about tickling a woman like that on the train. Years earlier he tried to do it with his wife (she refused). Now he finally had this fantasy filled by the least likely person.

Fliorio didn’t see Essie again, but he always thought of her before he went to sleep.

A Stimulating Opportunity


Hi! My name is Randy. I spend the best money possible on very exclusive, and very sexy and stimulating opportunities.

He traced the outline of his black card, identified only by a special logo and a small photo on the back.

Formalities need to be followed and that is one of the reasons I like this club. That, and the adventure behind it all. Different locations, different women, but always outstanding sex.

This time around there will be a big yellow tent at specific coordinates, that I had received by carrier pigeon yesterday.

I followed my compass, parked my truck, jumped aboard my ATV then used my compass to find the exact location.

The tent beckoned. I could hear it calling me. As I got closer I could sense the excitement in the air. I know I’m so radically addicted to sex, that at this point my desire was barely controllable. I think addiction is something you enjoy too much and these experiences I liked entirely way too much. No ties, no binds, just incredible hot wild sex any way I want it with lots of beautiful women with wet pussies, big tits and tight little toned asses.

I’d been looking forward to this erotic experience all week. Since joining this sex club I found in the Personals, my bank account had been declining but my erections have been rising and keeping me very satisfied. I knew, in my mind, hat I had never had such powerful erections as the ones I am now experiencing. This sex club stimulates the imagination and exceeds expectations.

I walked into the lit area, and saw the tent. As I walked closer I saw silhouettes fucking wildly. Their positions and intensity varied. Some fucked slowly. Others fucked fast. My hard on was growing. I wanted some hot pussy.

I looked over at a large man fucking the ass of a very small woman. Her tight ass cheeks were in his hands and his very large cock was plowing into her with a sharp jerking action in a steady powerful rhythm.. I could feel myself getting harder as I watched. He was so big and she looked so tight. The expression on her face indicated that she was struggling to accept his hard erection as he kept going deeper and fucking her harder.

I looked over to another section or is that sextion, a tent in the tent, watching a woman with long hair flicking her hair as she arched while accepting a big cock deep into her mouth. I stood mesmerized, watching, already feeling the aura of excitement and raw sexual energy pulsing in the air.

I opened a flap of the tent revealing three smaller tents. In front of each tent there was a line up of men. Some familiar, some not. I was hoping I had arrived early enough to experience a short lineup. I looked down at my growing erection and decided to have it well taken care of, and immediately.

I stood in Lara’s line. Today I wanted to pull her long blonde hair and ream her sexy ass. It was Friday after a brutal week and I deserved a good fuck.

When Lara saw me she looked at me happily.

Seeing I was overworked she looked warmly into my eyes asking, “Rough week?”

“Yeah,” I replied grumpily, my emotions caught between how tired I was and how fast my erection was growing.

Lara smiled at me. I was a regular and she liked me.

“I’m gonna take care of you baby. I’m gonna satisfy every one of your pent up needs,” Lara purred showing off her incredibly sexy body and big tits.

“Come fuck my this sexy body and pour your hot cum all over me. Then stand in line again and do it again and again until you feel ready to enjoy this weekend. Okay, you sexy hunk of a man?” she asked smiling.

Clearly she was trying to cheer me up, and she was the girl to do it.

I told Lara I want my cock licked and kissed all over first. Soon I felt relaxation settle in at the feel of her decadent mouth kissing my manhood with wet kisses. I closed my eyes. It had been a hectic week. A possible take over, and that meant lost revenues in stocks and likely my job. I closed my eyes feeling the pleasure of her precious mouth relieve me of all my pent up feelings and fears. I felt my senses taking over. Her mouth sucked me so expertly. Holding her head I just gave it to her hard pounding my big cock into her sexy, and oh so pretty little mouth. I pulled out, spraying her face. Back in, she swallowed some more of my cum. I gave her a taste and pulled out soaking her face again, and getting some on her gorgeous big tits. She smiled as she handed me a towel.

“Not bad for your first time through the line honey. Cum and seaman me again as soon as you’re up and ready handsome.”

Corny but cute. I was just here to fuck these women anyways, just to get out of my head for awhile. I could feel the tension leave my shoulders, my cock was feeling satisfied yet I knew I needed to do more with this sexy seductress that I was growing more and more fond of.

I briefly turned my attention to the silhouettes of erotic pleasure outlined in the neighboouring tents. Yes, this little adventure was definitely brilliant.

I wondered where the next sex event would be held and if his beautiful Lara would be there or perhaps he would choose a different beauty. Such wonderful choices.

While waiting for Lara and round two, my eyes fastened on a gorgeous woman behind the tent screen. She was tall and had a long torso that she arched incredibly deep. Her arch effectively pushed her sex ass out seductively as a big man entered her tight pussy. She was so tall and long and lean. It was poetic. The sight made me just about cum in my pants. I had to fuck her.

I couldn’t stop staring. I switched lines abruptly, noticing that this tall beauty’s line was filling was fast. Obviously what I saw, other club members were seeing too. Finally it was my turn. She was so gorgeous that I couldn’t stop running my hands up and down her gorgeous breasts and curves. She moaned as I stimulated her clit. My hard cock found her sexy ass. She did the familiar arch, pushing back into my erection. I ran my hand down her back and started pounding her hot sexy ass, absolutely loving every minute of pleasure.

All of sudden the tent flap lifted and a photographer snapped some pictures. I grabbed everything and quickly ran after her. After about a quarter of a mile I was able to reach her. I grabbed her by the legs and pulled her down. I landed right on top of her. She looked up at me with big beautiful brown eyes. I don’t know why I did it. Already incredibly turned on I looked down at her and kissed her ripe lush lips hard. I was use to fucking who I wanted, when I wanted.

At first she struggled, then seemed to change her mind and go with the experience. We both took off our clothes slowly.

A blanket attached to her backpack became our love making location. She showed me her sex club card and smiled. I don’t know how she managed to get the exclusive card, but I do know the club catered to both men and women.

The card read, Alliacea Bering. Alliacea was a member of the club. Maybe the pictures were innocent. None of that seemed to matter now. Here in front of him was a beauty whose gorgeous body needed fucking.

I kissed her small firm breasts and then kissed my way to Alliacea’s sweet pussy. Excitedly I began tasting her juices. After a few minutes she began to buck. Her pulsing orgasmic release lasted a long time. I kept licking and felt her pussy pulses with my tongue.

Alliacea took her wet pussy, straddled me, slid down onto my hard cock, and started riding me. Watching her tits bounce made me harder. We fucked in every position imaginable on that blanket until she was covered in cum and spent.

Alliacea went to get some tissues. Although I didn’t notice, she was moving farther and father away from me now. All of sudden Alliacea broke into a fast sprint. She’s a fast runner I thought, following quickly behind her, thinking maybe the picture was more sinister than I had imagined.

When I finally caught up with her. She kissed me again, and so sweetly, stroking my cock through my shorts.

I ignore my lust and said, “No, this is bullshit. What are you doing with the pictures,” I demanded.

I could see she was attracted to me, yet fiercely interested in the pictures and I didn’t quite know what to do.

“Okay, okay, I’ll tell you the truth.”

Alliacea started telling me about her blackmail scheme and explained how she only did it to pay her bills.

We both looked at each others lips. I looked at her sexy body and thought of all the ways I had just fucked her. Despite everything my cock was rising once again.

This was a definite attraction that wasn’t passing and wasn’t fading. I watched as Alliacea shamefully erased the photos on her digital camera.

We talked and walked hand in the hand. She was smart and witty and so incredibly sexy. She was the real thing. Feeling quite satisfied we looking forward to booking a fine room and enjoying romance and fun along with more wild sex.

I made a mental note to remind myself to suggest she find a new line of work.

A Stepdad’s Revenge


About 9 months ago, I married my wife. She is a beautiful woman who loves me very much. Our life could have been ideal. But she had an 18-year-old daughter. When we first met, the daughter, Carrie, was a very beautiful, mannered young lady. But all that changed when she began to see me as a threat to the relationship she and her mom shared. By the time we were married, the relationship between Carrie and I had grown into almost open warfare. Carrie became the most disrespectful, arrogant, insolent and difficult child. A few times, my wife and I actually talked about going our separate ways. But all that changed the night I caught her watching an X-rated show on TV.

I had been watching TV and looking at the clock, I noticed it was 1 am. Knowing that Carrie often fell asleep in the den, while also watching TV, I got up to go turn it off. Karla, my wife, lay snoring on her side of the bed. The den has one of those bootlegged cable boxes in it. Carrie loves to watch the cable movies. Our rug is nice and full, so Carrie didn’t hear me as I walked into the den. The sight that caught my eyes stopped me in my tracks. The sound on the TV was muted. But I could see what she had been watching. I knew that the box could get the X-rated channels. But Carrie accused me of cussing at her if I said damn, so I never imagined she would watch those shows. But watch them she did. I had an idea she did when each time she heard me she would change channels quickly before I could see what she was watching. She always kept the sound low.

Carrie often changed into her pajamas and threw a blanket over her when she watched TV in the den late at night. Being a weekend, she knew she could stay up as late as she wanted to. The show on the TV was a real hot one. It showed a black guy and two black girls fucking. One girl was lying on her back with the guy standing between her thighs, holding them in the air. He was fucking her pussy nice and slow and the camera showed his dick slowly working in and out her hairy cunt. He had a nice sized dick and her pussy pushed in and pulled out as he stroked her. Her juicy cunt showed her inner pink skin each time he pulled back. She must have been tighter than shit. The other girl in the scene was lying next to her slowly working a dildo in and out of her pussy. My eyes locked onto the scene. Both girls looked much younger than the man did. But it was Carrie who held me spellbound.

The cover had been thrown back. The bottom of her pj’s had been pushed down and dangled off one foot. Carry’s eyes were squeezed tight. Her mouth was open, her head thrown back and she slowly twisted it back and forth. Now, even though Carrie is only 18, she has the developed body of a grown woman. She wears a 38c bra, stands at least 5feet 7inches and must weight at least 180. Carrie also has one of the most beautiful faces you ever want to see. But it was what she was doing that made my dick hard. One leg was bent at the knee. Her thighs were parted and I could clearly see her crotch. I had never seen Carrie totally naked. Oh sure, she ran around the house in her short bathrobe sometimes. This showed off her strong, thick, long legs. And she even scurried from the bathroom to her room in her panty and bra. But I had never seen her naked and up until this moment, had never even thought of her as a sexual person. She was my stepdaughter, who to me, was more a pain in the ass than anything else was was.

But the picture before me didn’t make me think of a young girl who had been my personal thorn in the side. Carrie was slowly biting down on her lower lip. I let my eyes travel down her body. Her nipples poked thru the thin material of her pajama top. The bottom buttons of her top were undone and stopped at her belly button. Like I said, her bottoms had been pushed almost completely off. I could see her hairy crotch. Carrie had a thick patch of hair between her thighs. The movement of her hand caught my eyes. In her hand, she held my dildo. I say my dildo, cause it was the one I had bought to use on her mom. But Karla didn’t like it, so I just pushed it to the back of my shirt drawer and forgot about it. Evidently, Carrie had found it and was putting it to good use. The dildo was about 8 inches and as I watched, Carrie was working about 5 inches in and out of her pussy. She was sitting on a towel and from the amount of juice that oozed from her slit, I knew why.

I stood transfixed. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She was so into fucking her sweet pussy, she didn’t notice me standing there watching her. Her cream colored skin looked so soft. Carrie’s skin was the color of soft bronze. And watching that black colored dildo work in and out of her cunt made her look so much like a hot little slut. I felt my dick begin to throb. I knew I had to stop her before I got caught. “I think you should go to bed.” I tried to make my voice hard. Carrie’s eyes flew open. She looked at me and quickly grabbed the covers. “Carl! What are you doing in here?”

“I came in here to turn off the TV. I thought you had fallen asleep, with it on. I see you were too busy to turn it off yourself. I wonder what your mom would have said if she had caught you?” With that, I turned off the TV. I turned to Carrie. Her pajama bottoms had fallen to the floor. I picked them up and tossed them to her. “I think you had better just go to bed. We’ll deal with you tomorrow.” I turned and walked back to my bedroom. But visions of her lying there fucking her pussy kept me from sleeping.

Karla was awakened, as my hard dick slipped into her pussy. I had put the same show on my TV. She moaned as I pushed all 8 inches into her. “I see you’ve been watching your cartoons again.” The first time she caught me watching X-rated shows, I quickly switched to a cartoon channel. It was always our private joke. I didn’t say a word, just slowly fucked her juicy cunt. But it wasn’t her pussy I was thinking about. I pulled Karla up onto her knees and fucked her like a madman. Like she always did, Karla screamed her orgasms into the pillows. As my hot cum shot from the tip of my dick and filled her cunt, it was Carrie’s pussy I dreamed of drilling. I fucked her again in the morning as she got ready for work. I was off that day. She joked as she walked out the door. “You should watch cartoons more often.”

After having a cup of coffee, I sat at the table wondering what I should do? Karla had gotten pregnant right out of high school. And one of her older daughters got pregnant the same way. She had been hard on Carrie when it came to sex. She very rarely even let the girl go out on dates. I knew that if I told her what had happened last night, she would hit the roof. And Carrie knew this too. Well, like I said, she had made my life one big pain. So I owed her nothing. I finally had something on her that could make her life just as rough as she had made mine. I smiled as I washed the few dishes and then went in to take my shower. I threw my clothes on the bed and walked into the master bathroom.

The hot water was beating down on me. My mind wandered back to last night and I couldn’t help it when my dick began to grow. I soaped up my hand and began to slowly stroke it. Thoughts of Carrie, as she fucked her pussy, filled my head. Suddenly the door flew open. Standing there in her short bathrobe looking at me was Carrie. “Are you gonna tell mom on me?” My eyes flew open. She had been standing there watching me thru the shower door. I know she could see me as I stroked my dick. Carrie’s eyes stared directly at my soapy hand and my hard throbbing dick. “What the hell are you doing, Carrie? Get the hell out of here right now!” She didn’t move. “Are you going to tell mom what I was doing last night?” Since she didn’t move away or close the door, I let my hand fall from my dick and let the water wash the soap off me. Then I turned off the water and stepped from the shower.

Carrie stepped back, but she didn’t leave the room. I slowly toweled off. Through it all, Carrie kept her eyes glued to my dick. It hadn’t gone soft. Her standing there made that hard to do. I tucked the towel around me and smiled at her. “No Carrie, I’m not going to tell her.” The smile on Carrie’s face grew as big as a dinner plate. “You’re gonna tell her.” Her face fell. “That’s right Carrie. You’re gonna tell her exactly what I caught you doing last night. And you’ll tell her about stealing the dildo from my dresser drawer and how you used it.” Carrie began to cry. “Please Carl! She’ll kill me if she finds out.” I laughed. “After the way you’ve treated me. I’ll love seeing you get some of what you’ve given me.” Carrie rushed up to me and grabbed my arms.

“Please Carl! I know I’ve treated you bad. I’m sorry. I promise to treat you better from now on. Just don’t tell her. Please?” Hearing her begging me did my heart good. I had often asked her what I had done to make her treat me so bad. She always smiled and walked away. But she wasn’t mine. So I couldn’t just beat her ass. “I remember asking you to treat me better lots of times. You didn’t hear me then either.” I turned and began to walk out of the bathroom. Carrie grabbed after me but only succeeded in grabbing the towel. The towel slipped from my waist. I continued to walk into the bedroom. This time my laughter was loud enough for her to hear me. Carrie came into the bedroom after me. “Carl! You can’t do this to me?”

“Can’t I? I bet your mom grounds you for a year.” Carrie knew that was a good possibility. “Please Carl, I’ll do anything you want.” I sat down on the bed. There was no hiding the hardon I had, so I didn’t try.

Carrie looked down at it and then saw that my eyes were staring at her legs. Like I said, her robe was short. Carrie smiled and her hands gripped the edge of her robe. She slowly began to pull it up. “Did you like looking at my pussy last night? I often hear you and mom going at it. Even though the pillows muffle her screams, I can still hear it. I even slipped in the backyard and watched you thru the window. I love it when you pull her to her knees and ride her like a madman.” I watched the hem of the robe lift higher and higher. More of Carrie’s long legs were being exposed. When it reached her crotch, Carrie’s hairy bush was revealed. She had come into my room without any panties on. I could feel my dick bob up and down as it throbbed. Carrie’s eyes stared down at it.

I jumped up and she almost fell as she quickly stepped back. I had her just where I wanted her and I was not about to let my hard dick make me throw it away. I went to my dresser and picked up a pen and pad. Tossing it onto the bed, I told her to write down what I told her to. Carrie looked at me funny and then bent to pick up the pen and pad. Carrie looked at me not knowing what I was about to say. I sat down on the bed and she sat at her mom’s dressing table.

“Carl. I know I haven’t been fair to you. I know I have been very nasty to you. But I beg you, please don’t tell mom about last night. I know I should not have been watching that nasty movie. When you caught me sitting in the chair with the dildo I stole from your bedroom in my hands I knew I was in trouble. I should not have taken it. And I should have known better than to sit there and use it so openly while you two were home. But I beg you, please don’t tell mom. If she found out, she would kill me. I promise to treat you nicer from now on. I won’t go thru your stuff anymore and I will never take anything out of your bedroom again. In a way, it’s you alls fault. Mom doesn’t let me date and all my girlfriends talk about are the guys they do it with. So you see, I’m just like my girlfriends only I don’t have a boyfriend to do it with. But this way, I won’t get pregnant and have to drop out of school like my sister did. I’m sorry I’ve been so nasty towards you. If you don’t tell mom, I’ll change. I promise. Please, give me another chance.”

When she finished, I had her sign and date it. Then I took it from her. I looked down at Carrie. She still had tears in her eyes. Then I started to laugh. “Well Carrie, now I have all I need. In your own words you wrote down what happened last night. Before, it would have just been you’re word against mine. Now if you deny it, I can show your mom this letter.” Carrie broke down this time and sobbed into her hands. She knew I had no reason to be soft on her after the way she had treated me all this time. I walked out into the garage and placed the letter in my safe. Karla had the combination but would only open it if something happened to me. And I buried it between a lot of other papers. Then I came back into my bedroom. “Now go and get my dildo.” I got up and grabbed another cup of coffee. I went into the den instead of back to my bedroom. Carrie came into the room and handed me my dildo. I held it in my hand. “Did you at least wash it off when you finished?” She just nodded her head instead of answering me.

“Sit down Carrie.” When she sat, her robe lifted and opened. I could see her hairy bush when I looked at her long legs. “Look at me.” Carrie had been looking down at the floor. But with my words, she lifted her head up and stared at me. “You’ve made my life hell. And there’s no reason I shouldn’t do the same to you. But I’m going to give you a better break than you gave me. I’m not going to tell your mom about last night.” Carrie’s eyes brightened and for the first time she thought she had gotten over again. “In fact, I’m going to let you go on playing with your pussy. I guess letting you fuck this dildo is better than taking the chance on your getting pregnant. But from now on, I expect you to treat me a whole lot better than you have. I expect you to help out a lot more around the house too. Deal?” Carrie nodded her head so hard it made mine hurt. “I promise Carl. I’ll be a whole new person, you’ll see.” Carrie was smiling up at me now.

I tossed the dildo into her lap. “Oh you’ll be a whole new person, alright. And you’ll continue to fuck your pussy with the dildo. Only sometimes, I’ll be standing right here watching you.” Carrie’s eyes grew wide. “I couldn’t do that in front of you.” I laughed at her. “You had no qualms about sneaking around and watching me and your mother when we fucked. So now I’m going to do to you what you did to me. Only you’ll know I’m watching. Now get started.” Carrie looked at me then looked down at the dildo. She looked at it like I had dropped a snake in her lap. “Carl, I couldn’t do that in front of you. I’d be too embarrassed.”

“Were you embarrassed last night?” Carrie didn’t look at me. “No, but!”

“Were you embarrassed when you peeked in the bedroom window and watched your mom and me?” No, but!”

“Then you won’t be embarrassed now. Either do as I tell you or think about what your mom will say when I tell her and show her your letter.” Carrie knew she was stuck. Either way, she was in trouble.

The tears began to flow once more. But Carrie sighed as she picked up the dildo. Slowly, she opened her legs. “Get in the position you were in last night. Show me exactly what you did last night.” Carrie leaned the recliner back and bent her leg. She opened them slowly and I could see her pussy lips part. Her hand shook as she placed the tip of the dildo against her slit. Carrie sobbed as she slowly moved the tip up and down. Her eyes closed and the tears of shame dripped down her face. But I knew her body would begin to betray her. “Tell me what you were thinking when you did it last night.” Carrie sobbed. Then she slowly began to recall last night.

“I had turned to the X-rated channel. At first the two girls were just taking turns sucking the guy’s dick. Then he licked each of their pussies. I could feel myself getting wet as I watched them. I wished that I was in that movie. That I was doing that to him and someone was doing it to me.” I could see that Carrie’s pussy was growing wetter. The head was beginning to slide between her lips and push in deeper. Carrie’s breathing grew a bit harsher. “Then he put one girl on her back. His dick began to slide in and out. I could see the way her pussy held on to it. I could hear her moaning and telling him to fuck her deeper. To tear it up.” Carrie’s other hand slid up her stomach and grabbed one of her nipples. Carrie had those young girl nipples still. You know the ones where the areolas are big and the nipples aren’t really formed. Carrie was pinching and pulling on them, one then the other.

I wanted to pull my dick as I watched her. But I knew if I started, I wouldn’t stop until I either fucked her or had her suck my dick. So I just stood there watching her as the pre-cum dripped from the tip of my dick. “You’ve never let a boy fuck you?” Carrie’s eyes were closed. She was taking about 5 inches of dick now. She was fucking her pussy just like she did last night. Nice and slow the dildo worked in and out. Her pussy juice had the entire shaft coated. “No! I let a few of them feel me up. They used their fingers in me. But I never let them fuck me.” Carrie was working the dildo a bit faster. She was taking about 6 inches. “Do your girlfriends know about my dildo?” Carrie nodded her head. “Uhuh!”

“Have they ever used it?”

“Janice did the time she spent the night.” Janice was build just like Carrie. Only she was a bit heavier. “Did she use it or did you use it on her.”

Carrie had her head thrown back. Her mouth was open and her head thrashed back and forth. Just like she had done last night. I knew she was on the verge of cumming any second. “She watched me use it. Then she took it and I watched her use it. I’m gonna cum.” I was close to cumming too. “Not yet. How much of this dildo can she take?” Carrie was really pumping her cunt now. “All of it. Janice can take all of it. She’s been fucking since she was younger. She even has a few men who fuck her and give her money.” I smiled. I had seen Janice when she slept over. This would give me the opening I needed to fuck her even if I couldn’t fuck Carrie. “Who are the men who fuck her? Tell me Carrie.” Carrie was moaning and groaning. She had her hand wrapped around the base of the dildo. Even her hand holding the dildo was covered with her juice. “I can’t tell on her. Don’t make me tell you.”

I reached down and grabbed her hand. Then I pulled the dildo from her pussy. “No! I’m gonna cum. Don’t make me stop.” I held the dildo in my hand. It was slick with Carrie’s juice. Oh, how I wanted to lick it, to taste her pussy juice. But I knew that was a road I dare not travel. I would have to be content with the chance to fuck Janice. But I would make Carrie play with her pussy for me many times. “Ok Carrie. Don’t tell me. But I bet you’ll tell your mother when she asks you. She may even make you tell the cops. After all, Janice is only 18 just like you are.” Carrie started crying again. “It’s her next door neighbor. He pays her to have sex with him.”

“And who else?” Carrie placed her head in her hands. “A guy that works at her mom’s job. He pays her too. Please don’t tell anyone, Carl. I don’t want to get Janice in any trouble.”

I had all I needed. But first I had to help Carrie fulfill her lust. I reached down and pushed the dildo into her pussy. I knew I was taking a big chance. But I knew I could control my own lustful need to fulfill my own desires. I began to slowly fuck her pussy. Carrie opened her thighs wider. “Oh yes Carl! Fuck my pussy! Oh! Ahh! Oh fuck! Shove that dick all the way in!” I knew she was just repeating the words she had heard on the TV. But it sounded so hot and nasty. “You’re gonna get Janice over here. You’ll get her and the two of you will use the dildo. Then I’ll come in and catch you. You’ll do this for me, won’t you Carrie?” Carrie was humping her pussy up against the dildo. Then she cried out. From the amount of crème that gushed from her pussy, I knew she had cum. “You’ll bring Janice, here won’t you Carrie? You’ll set it up so I can catch you, won’t you Carrie?” Carrie was caught in the throes of her orgasm. “Yes! Oh yes!”

A Special Threesome


I can see you smile as the three of us undress. I live for that smile. He has been with us for a few weeks now, and its been good..but tonight..we want it to be special. I can tell you are as nervous as you are excited, by the way you keep lightly touching me, watching my face. I answer your fears with a deep long kiss, and I cant help but shiver as I feel your fingernails slide down my back. He watches smiling, knowing that some pleasures belong to you and I alone.

We slip into the bed, and he tells us that he wants to serve. I lie back, and you sit by my head, and watch as he begins to run his hands over my body. I love the way you can never quite look away. I glide my hands up and down the smooth skin of your inner thigh as his own hands bring me full erect. You lick your lips as he lowers his mouth to my cock. My fingers slip inside you then, and you gasp.

We are playing now, and we all know it. When he slides his tongue along the sides of my cock, I rub my thumb over your clit. When his warm mouth sucks on my head, my fingers slip into your pussy. You grin at me, laughing and happy. No one is trying to make anyone cum. Yet.

You rise, and kneel over me, letting me lick at your lips, your clit. My mouth can barely reach you, and you know you are teasing me. Still you shiver every time the tip of my tongue flicks over your clit. You keep glancing back over your shoulder at our friend, as his head bobs up and down.

He stops sucking on me, and I surprise you my pulling you down, so my tongue fills you. You give a short cry, and grip the headboard of your bed. I fuck you with my tongue, enjoying your sweet musky flavor, as I hear him open the bottle of lube,a nd begin getting both himself and my cock ready.

I release you, and you slide beside me, eyes wide, as he gets on top of me. I hold my cock steady, as he lowers himself onto it. He is quite new at this, and he is still tight. Your eyes flick back and forth between my face, and my cock, disappearing into his ass. He is very still when I fill him completely, for a moment. He is as hard as we have ever seen him, and I see your hand slip between your thighs, and start to stroke your lips as he begins to rock back and forth. I don’t want to send ether of us over the edge, so I stay very still, not touching him, as he fucks himself. We are watching you, watching us. Watching your fingers running back and forth, slipping into your pussy. You are making little sounds, breathy and fast. He sides all the way up my shaft, then slowly back down, and his sighs.

He reaches out, and wraps a hand in your long hair and, pulling, guides your head down to his cock. The tip is damp, straining, and you let yourself be tugged to it. You lap at the tip and he groans. You lower your head and start to ease him into your mouth. I have the perfect view of him sliding into you, your cheeks bulging. You start to suck him hard, him working his fingers in your hair, pushing your head down just enough to get him into your throat. I slip my fingers up, and between your legs, and start to work your pussy. You moan around his cock, and he moans in response.

I start to work my hips, fucking him now. Your eyes are closed, taking him deep, sucking him hard. I am rubbing your clit as hard as I am able, and I can see your thighs trembling . I encourage you, saying “Take it baby, take it”, and rubbing you harder. I feel his ass tighten suddenly, and then I see you swallowing hard, whimpering as I rub your clit faster. You pull back fast, and cry out hard as you cum, and all at once I am cumming hard, and he moans as he feels me.

You lay back licking your lips as he slowly dismounts off me. For a time we are quiet, basking, recovering. Then I lean over and start to kiss you, wrapping my hands around you, holding you tight.

You suggest a shower, and we agree, and follow you to the bathroom. We take turns washing the sweat from each other…joking and laughing. Once we are all fresh and clean, you lean in to shut off the water. On impulse I hook two fingers into your pussy, and you freeze. I fingerfuck you hard, fast as the water streams down your body. You are moaning as he moves up behind you. I see his hands encircle your waist, and then one start to tease your ass. Your moans get louder, filled with need. I look at him, and we both know you are ready. We release you, and shut off the water. As we dry each other, you are constantly stimulated and touched; as he drys your back, I am kissing you, my fingers teasing your pussy. As I dry your front I see him kissing the back of your neck, your shoulders..and teasing your ass more.

We rush back to the bed, and climb in. I start to kiss you, fiercely, and he is tight behind you, kissing your neck and shoulders. Your hands find us, and you start to run your hands over us both. You seem pleased to feel both of our cocks hard and ready. I guide you to all fours, and slide under you. I begin to lavish your pussy with kisses and licks. I softly suck on your lips, then thrust hard into your pussy.

I try not to gasp when I feel your lips encircle my cock. I start to run the tip of my tongue over your clit in fast little circles, as you suck my cock hard and slow. I feel you tense and start to moan, as he kneels behind you and starts licking your ass. You release my cock and lay your head on my body whimpering as our mouths explore and taste you.

I slip out from underneath you, and let you straddle me. I cant help but to moan myself as I feel you slide wetly over my cock. Your pussy is familiar, but intense, and a feeling I will never tire of. You plant your hands on my shoulders,a nd start to ride me. We fuck slowly, enjoying the pure pleasure of each other, and knowing just how to move. I work my hips to meet each downward movement that you make, and I lick the sweat off your nipples. He appears behind you, and slowly pushes you down onto me, changing your angle. I see him spread your ass, and slowly thrust forward. I know when the head of his cock enters you, because you bite down on my chest and cry out. I remain frozen as he enters your ass, inch by inch, as you gasp and shiver. I can feel him, pressing up against my cock through the silky walls of your pussy. At last he is inside you fully, and we start to move. Very slowly we thrust into you together, fucking you slowly, gently, making you sob with pleasure. For minutes we do this, slow, sweet, enjoying every second. I can feel your fingernails dig in to my shoulders.

“You want it harder, don’t you?”, I ask

I can feel your pussy tighten at the words, and see you bite your lip as you nod.

“Say it.”

You whimper, and tighten up more. I feel a gush of wet heat. “If you want to get fucked, than you have to say it.”

You dig your nails in hard enough for me to know I will have marks in the morning. You moan, then “Fuck me..” in a whisper.


“Oh please, fuck me. Fuck me now.” The last was almost a scream as we both thrust hard and deep into you. Its hard to keep the rhythm like that, and he grabs roughly into your hips,and pulls you back and down onto our cocks. It feels like I am soo deep inside you and you cry out in pleasure. I grip your lower hips and pull you into our thrusts. Your cries get louder and louder as I feel your pussy tighten and pulse. Every time we pull you down onto our cocks, your body spasms. I can feel you, wet as the rain, as hot as a furnace, gripping me as you slide up and down, and I can feel him, swollen and hard. We fuck you as long as we can, letting you cum and cum, until I feel him shooting, the throbbing of his cock, and I cannot help but join him. I pull you close and kiss you as hard as I can as we cum, our cries mingling in our mouths, then its over and we are kissing fiercely.

When we can all move again, we dress, and see him to the door. We are already making plans for next week, as he leaves. I kiss your lips, and hold your hand as we go to bed, together.

A Time & Place For Everything Ch. 02


Previously: My son, Josh; his friend, Jeff; and Amy, Jeff’s 22-year-old girlfriend, and yours truly had finally settled down, after a long night of crazy sex. The boys had just finished moving into their new bachelor apartment. After a series of extenuating events that day, Josh and I found ourselves in complete agreement. There certainly IS a time and place for everything.


“That’s not Amy,” I remarked, trying to distinguish the voice coming from beyond the door.

“No Mom, that’s Michelle!” whispered Josh, as he hurriedly got to his feet.

“Are you decent? I hope not. C’mon Josh, I know you’re in there,” said the throaty voice.

I looked frantically for my discarded clothes, while my son pulled up his jeans and headed to hold her off. Right before he reached the door, it swung open and let in a blast of light from the hall.

“Well there you are! And, what do we have here; a little incest, I’m guessing. Isn’t that just peachy,” she smirked, as I quickly pulled the cum-stained sheet up around me.

“How did you… so, what’s up Michelle?” Josh recanted, as the tall, 30-something, fiery brunette ignored him and made her way across the floor. By her staggering walk, I could see she was tipsy, but determined to catch us in the act. Dressed in a long black leather jacket, she stopped short of the bed. Regaining her balance, she tossed back her long dark tresses and looked down at me.

“Amy was nice enough to let me in,” she explained, as she eyed me up and down.

Her facial expressions were silhouetted by the light coming from behind her. Clutching the sheet around me, I made an attempt to get to my feet so I could at least see her face.

“Well hello again Mrs. B. Oh please, don’t get up on my account. You look so comfortable right there,” Michelle said, placing a firm hand on my shoulder.

I caught the mixed scents of fine perfume and whiskey, as I leaned back against the headboard, still expecting the worse.

“Hey guys, I’m sorry. She just got passed me somehow,” excused Amy, showing up at the door.

“That’s okay Amy. I’m afraid she’s here now. There’s little we can do about that,” Josh said, and started to close the door on her.

Michelle threw a large black patent leather purse on the bed, turned and headed toward my son. Taking him by the arm, she edged him out of the room and grabbed Amy’s arm. “Josh Honey, you just go play with yourself or something. Us ladies have things to discuss – girl stuff you know,” she insisted, pulled Amy into the room and locked the door.

“I don’t think–you’re not upset or anything are you Michelle?” Stammered Amy, dressed in a cotton Barbie-doll nightie, as the taller woman escorted her to the bed.

“You’re right Amy. You don’t think and, believe it or not, I’m not upset,” explained Michelle, as she seated the petite blonde at the end of the bed. “Actually I’m happy for Josh. His wish finally came true. He’s desperately needed to fuck you for a long time, Barb.” She claimed and plopped down, while Amy scooted over toward me to make room for her. “Hmm, by the smell of things, I’d say he fucked you good! So how was he Barb? Did he rock your world?”

“I think that’s between Josh and I,” I countered sharply.

“Oh, I see. What do you think of all this Amy? You were here all day. Did Josh give his mommy a good screwing, huh?” Michelle asked and pulled Amy’s nightgown to uncover her shoulder.

“Who me? I don’t know. I mean, I guess so,” Amy muttered and reached to pull back her elastic collar.

“Why Amy, you’re so nervous. Leave it alone Honey,” Michelle commanded and pulled down the other side of the gown to show both shoulders.

“Why not leave her out of this Michelle,” I scolded and pulled the elastic back up on Amy’s gown.

“Well, you won’t answer me and I think Amy isn’t telling me for some reason.” Michelle got to her feet. “God, that smell of cum is making me horny!” She said and unbuckled her tight, leather, designer jacket.

Amy raised her head, as we watched the woman in her mid-thirties peel off her jacket. Except for her thigh-high black hose and heels, she was totally naked underneath. Amy smiled. Michelle dropped the jacket. “Doesn’t that smell make you horny?” She focused on Amy, sliding her hand between the young girl’s thighs.

Amy’s smile and eyes widened as Michelle reached to touch her cheek. Young Amy’s body shuddered, as she nodded her response and leaned her face against the shapely brunette‘s hand. Michelle’s dark tanned body was truly a sight to behold. Most everything about it was model-thin except for her boobs, which I imagined to be a perkier version of my rounded 34-double-d’s.

It was obvious that she had a certain spell over Amy, as the diminutive blonde rose to her feet and pulled off her nightgown. Michelle towered over little Amy, as they met for a tender embrace. “You’ve done something naughty haven’t you?” Michelle whispered.

Amy silently nodded and fondled the tall woman’s tits. “I know you didn’t mess with Josh.” Amy shook her head emphatically, then turned her face toward me.

“Why you little minx, you made out with Josh’s mom didn’t you?”

Amy blushed and shrugged.

“Damn Barb, is there anybody you haven’t fucked tonight?” Michelle laughed.

I cleared my throat and watched Amy lean up to whisper in Michelle’s ear.

“Jeff too! Wow, I’m AM impressed. You must be one hell of a lay!” She exclaimed and took a step toward me.

“I think I should probably go. It’s awfully late and I’m kind of tired,” I said nervously and moved to the edge of the bed.

“I’ll bet you’re tired. Too bad though, I sure would like to know you better,” she simmered, dragging her long fingernails through my hair.

Staring up at her, the moonlight and street lamps finally shed enough light on her to get a good look at her face. She was a stunning, exotic beauty for sure: high cheek bones, smoldering eyes and thick, glistening, deep ruby lips. As I gaped at her face and body, she broke the awkward silence.

“What?” She asked.

“No, it’s nothing,” I blinked and got to my feet, with the tainted sheet wrapped around me.

Standing between two nearly naked women, I glanced down to avert my eyes and saw my shorts on the floor. I bent at the knees and gathered up my shorts. When out of the corner of my eye, I saw Michelle step out of her spiked heels. As I stood back up, I noticed she was just a little taller than me without the heels. I turned to give her a cordial smile and felt Amy’s hand on my bare shoulder. My prepared smile turned into another stare-down with Michelle, while Amy’s hand continued to caress my back.

“What is it Barb? You want to tell me something don’t you?” She asked, knowing I was captivated by her beauty. “Don’t be afraid. I’m not into whips or chains, if that’s how I come off?”

“No… I, I just want you to know that–that I’m sorry if I messed up things between you and Josh,” I lied.

“Oh I don’t think you did, but thanks,” she answered, and brought her hand to soothe my cheek. Her touch was incredibly, devilishly warm and somehow drew me closer, as our eyes danced together.

“I hope this doesn’t embarrass you,” keeping her hand on my cheek, while glancing down at her naked torso.

“No, not at all. You’re quite attractive. I can plainly see why Josh is so taken with you,” I blurted out, and felt Amy’s lips on my shoulder.

“That’s sweet of you to say,” she smiled and let her hand fall to my neck. “I think Amy would like a kiss before you leave,” she added and nodded me to look at Amy.

Amy stopped kissing my shoulder and looked into my eyes with an extra sigh of lust. Leaning up to my face, she brought both hands to my shoulders, opened her mouth and kissed me. Our tongues met and it almost took my breath away. Shifting our faces to deepen the kiss, I sensed the sheet fall from around me. Amy’s leg went between mine and rubbed against my naked mound, while her hands gripped my boobs. Feeling my juices flowing, I took hold of Amy’s face and broke away from the kiss. “Please don’t go just yet,” she whispered and went straight to sucking my tits.

“Oh God, now I AM embarrassed,” I blushed and turned back to face Michelle.

“Mmm, I’m wet just watching you two,” Michelle said, licking her voluptuous lips as she watched Amy sucking my boobs.


“Hell yes! Here, feel,” she said and brought my hand to her shaved pussy. Holding my hand tight to her snatch, her hand forced my fingers inside to feel her wetness. “Oh God, that feels good. Are you wet too? Let’s see.”

Before I could answer, she had her hand between my legs. Her long fingers expertly parted my lips, as another finger probed my pussy. “Oh MY!” My eyes shot open, as I let out a nervous giggle.

“I didn’t hurt you did I Barb? Goodness, you are drenched Honey,” she whispered and took her first hand off mine to soothe my hair. Amy switched from suckling on my tits to Michelle’s ample chest and back to mine again The two of us continued to masturbate each other.

“Shell, did you bring it?” I heard Amy ask, as if in a dream. Michelle ignored her, bringing her alluring face close to mine. My eyes were glued to her long tongue rimming the crest of her succulent lips, as her fingers taunted my clit. “I think I’m jealous.” She mouthed, brushing her lips over mine.

“W-why is that?” I breathed with erotic anticipation.

“Everyone has had you but me,” she batted her long lashes, as her lips formed a pout.

“Doesn’t seem right, does it,” I sympathized and flattened my hand to rub as much of her pussy as possible.

“SHELL? Did you bring it, or not?” Amy piped up between switching tits again.

“Yes I did, but tonight it’s not for you Sweetcheeks,” the mysterious woman added, keeping her full attention on me. Michelle had me at the point of no return. There was no denying our mutual attraction and a need to satisfy each other.

Michelle glanced down and motioned young Amy to retrieve her large purse. As the cool early morning air mixed with Amy’s saliva, my nipples hardened instantly. In a combination of moves that felt like one, my legs gave way to the bed at the knees. I replaced her hand in my pussy with my own, as I watched the dark temptress reach in her purse and pull out one of the longer strap-on dongs I’ve ever seen.

Scooting back in the bed, my eyes shifted to watch Michelle strap on the apparatus, while Amy lubricated the head of the enormous black tool. I couldn’t help but notice how the overall length of it matched the entire length of Michelle’s long thighs. Spreading my legs wide, my fingers never retreated from my saturated hole. “That’s okay Dear; I don’t think she’ll need it.” Shell referred to any further greasing and pulled the pretend beast from Amy’s mouth.

Standing at the edge of the bed, Michelle hoisted the huge rubber honker and slowly split my wet outer lips with it. Not one to miss a single thing, Amy quickly slithered into bed next to me. As she went back to sucking and fondling my boobs, we watched Michelle inch the hard rubber replica further into my snatch. The back of my head bore into the mattress; my hands gripping the sheets, as the foot-long cock penetrated me to the max.

“OH GODDD!” I squealed and pulled my legs to accommodate the full length of it.

“Fuck her good, Shell,” Amy said, completely out of the naive character she’d concocted.

“Yes please; fuck her good,” I echoed, rocking my lower body to and fro, to build momentum.

The dark, exotic woman exuded a ballsy confidence in her capability to fuck or be fucked. Her primitive masculine-like grunts and growls would have given the appearance of a typical dyke, if it weren’t for her uncommon classic beauty. She pumped the fake cock in my tender pussy with all the ambiance of a crusty long shore man. Michelle shook back her waist-length curled brunette locks; looking more like a tight, three-year-old filly fitfully playing in some secluded meadow. She was an amazing anomaly that fascinated me.

Wouldn’t any man or woman revel in such a sensuous duality? The fact that I was so suddenly and magnetically drawn to such a unique personality made me wonder how my son could not feel the same. His reserved feelings for her hardly seemed valid, as her torso and pelvis undulated to propel the over-sized dong deep in my vagina. Even if I deluded myself that he had harbored some repressed desire to have only me all these years…I mean this chick was a “10” in any guy’s black book! The answer to that question was soon enough answered.

“Ah girls, are we having fun yet?” followed the inevitable and impatient knock at the door.

“Can’t speak for you, but WE are!” Michelle snidely reported, yanking a weak Amy by her hair and shoving her face in my bush.

Judging from the Josh’s silence, he must be considering what other dumb thing he would say or try next. “Maybe we should let him in?” I asked, catching my breathe between strokes.

“Hey, that’s your call. I can go either way,” said Michelle. “Hell, Amy and I can make our own arrangements, for that matter,” she smugly added.

“I didn’t mean that! We can work something out.” I pleaded, when she withdrew the cock. “PLEASE Michelle, don’t be upset.” I begged, reaching out to take her wrist. Trying my best to hold on, she was too strong and pulled me out of bed. Dropping to my knees at her feet, I wrapped my arms around her waist from the rear. Locking my hands together, I buried my face in the small of her back. Without time to analyze my overt actions and melodramatic behavior, all I knew was I had to have her. The magnetism was far too great than my power to let go.

“We don’t have to let ANYBODY else in. We don’t even have to answer the door, okay?” I purred and gently kissed her ass, taking long lingering licks in her crack.

Was the late night and all the unexpected, extra-curricular sex catching up to me? I’ve dabbled in mild lesbian contact before, but to feel this compelled to have another woman was an entirely unfamiliar sensation for me. The longer she silently pouted, the stronger my desire to please her increased. Spreading her cheeks, I teased her asshole with my tongue. Without a word, she spread her legs ever so slightly, which I took as welcoming sign. Probing her puckered hole with the full length of my tongue, my left hand reached to fondle the fake phallus, while my right hand found its way under the belt to caress her pussy. My teasing applications evidently were persuasive enough to get her attention. She slowing turned in my embrace, putting me eye-to-eye with the huge rubber dick.

“Didn’t I try to make you happy, hmm?” She asked with an added inflection of power in her voice.

I nodded. “You DID make me happy! I love having you fuck me.” I added, staring up into her dark eyes.

“Shhh! Just let ME handle the guys, okay. If you’re a good girl, I’ll take care of you too.” She stated and pointed the cock toward my mouth. After a quick glance into her eyes, I dutifully took the authentic replica into my mouth as a symbol of surrender.

I delighted in tasting my juices on the dong, as I sucked it clean. After a slight motion from the dark temptress, Amy rushed to Michelle’s side like some crony slave. When the taller beauty whispered something, Amy obediently went to Michelle’s purse and pulled out a few long lengths of rope.

Viewing myself as if in some parallel, but reverse universe, I stood silently as the little blonde tied my ankles and then my wrists. Being bound by any means, by anyone was a fetish foreign to me. Quite simply, I abhorred the idea of being restricted. However, that’s apparently how much power Michelle held over me at that moment. I would have done next to anything to gain her affection. Feeling the roughness of the rope tightening on my limbs, the bondage soon lost whatever fun status it may have had.

My son’s previous side comments regarding Michelle never held much meaning before now. His vague references to her passion for power, etc. became increasingly clear to me. No wonder they had yet to form a lasting relationship. Many men and most women would likely be offended by such blatant dominance in a woman. The fact that I found her power over me so alluring made it all that more ironic.

“Now that we have your full attention…” Michelle started and poked the hollow of my shoulder. I teetered on my heels, before collapsing backwards into the bed. “Perhaps you’d like a taste of brunette pussy, huh.” She decided and climbed up on the bed to straddle me. Raising my bound arms up over my head, she dug her knees into the mattress, until her bare pussy was inches from my mouth. Gazing up across her flat tummy and past her large taut boobs, my tongue went to work on her slit. When her fingers parted her tender lips, my flattened tongue probed deeper into her vagina.

“Hmmm, that’s it. God yes! You do eat pussy good.” She smiled down at me and joined my tongue with her long-nailed index finger.

Licking and sucking the succulent flaps of her folds, I moaned with anticipation of reaching her clitoris. She surely sensed my desire and quickly pulled away, but not in retreat. Getting to her feet above me, she turned around to switch to a 69 on me. Pinching and tugging my hard nipples, she lowered her pelvis to my face again. I quickly resumed eating out her delicious cunt, when we heard a more forceful knock at the door.

“AMY, ARE YOU IN THERE?” Came Jeff’s deep voice.

“YEAH, what is it?” Amy hollered back.

“Your mom; your mom’s on the phone. You gonna take it?”

“SHIT!” Amy cautiously exclaimed, almost leaping from the end of the bed. “Why the hell is SHE calling NOW? She NEVER calls… I just can’t imagine why…”

“God Amy; settle down girl!” Michelle said, as the nervous girl’s commotion put an immediate halt to our love making. “That woman has got to be the most uptight bitch alive!” Michelle stated, climbing down from the bed.

Suddenly feeling like a fish out of water, I tried sitting up. Amy frantically wiggled back into her night gown, as she continued to fret about her mother’s call. When Michelle pulled her leather coat back on, I was afraid no one would release me from the ropes.

“Um, do ya think you could…” I started, holding my bound wrists up to Michelle.

“Oh yeah, Sorry, Barb. Here, let’s get you out of those–for now,” she smiled, but took her good time untying me. “You know that Kim; she’s the one I need to hogtie,” Michelle shot me a devilish grin.


“Amy’s mother. God, if there’s ever been a bitch that needs some sexual healing, it’s her.”

“Hmm, maybe you need to have her to tea,” I laughed, pensively waiting for Michelle to release me. By then, Amy had hastily made her exit to answer her cell phone.

Peaking his head inside the open door, Josh’s eyes sheepishly scanned the room. With both hands still loosely bound, I tried to pull the infamous satin sheet around me. “So, am I interrupting anything?” My son asked, watching Michelle securing the leather belt around her waist.

Shooting Josh a semi-embarrassed smile, I quietly waited for the tall brunette‘s response. “No, come on in,” she relented, lit a cigarette and sat on the edge of the bed. “Josh, you know your mom here is one sexy woman,” she noted, more aware of how she looked to Josh than my state of bondage.

“I agree,” he smiled, wrapping his arm around me from behind.

“I think it kind of explains a lot of things,” she added, filling the air with a long blast of exhaled smoke. Josh and I traded questioning glances. Neither of us had a clue to what she meant. Neither of us felt it necessary to hear her definition either. A long, tenuous silence followed, as I felt Josh’s hand subtly caress my back and then my ass when I pulled myself to stand next to him.

“Hey you look pretty bitchin’ in those new bracelets. I’m guessing those are compliments of Mistress Michelle here?” He smirked and ogled at how the sheet barely covered parts of me.

At The Movies: The First Hour


Diane and her husband, John had gone out to dinner at Luigies and decided to take in a movie as it was still early. The movies now playing didn’t sound too good and they couldn’t pick one that they both wanted to see. Seeing the movies listed that were playing at the X rated theater, they laughed at each other saying that the one playing at the Red Cat looked interesting. A couple of their friends had gone a few times and said the theater was actually quite good and most of the movies were worth seeing. They decided to take a chance and go one time just to see what all the fuss was about.

Paying the cashier, they entered the dimly lit seating area, which had people pretty well spread out all over. Once their eyes were accustomed to the dark, they could see two or three other couples sitting in the center section about the halfway point. The rest of the crowd seemed to be men with only one pair of girls sitting together in one of the side wings. There seemed to be a small area near the back, which was not occupied and didn’t have anyone within three or four rows. Carefully, they fumbled threw the dark to a pair of seats and slumped into the plush cushions.

Settling in, Diane removed her jacket just as the next feature was starting. Obviously, the couples had been there awhile as they were necking fairly heavily. The two girls were a little in front and to their right, and they looked to be snuggling together, closer than you would expect for friends. Giving the elbow in the ribs to her husband, Diane pointed out that one of the girls gave the other a kiss. “Did you see that?” she said, and they both giggled.

Diane watched the movie unfold and there was certainly lots of beautiful skin. John commented on some of the dicks as they sure seemed to be bigger than most. The girls had bodies men only dreamed about and probably made most of the women in the audience jealous.

Her husband put his arm around Diane, and they necked and kissed in your own little world. Caressing her tits, he pulled the bottom of Diane’s blouse out of her skirt, which allowed free access to her breasts. They were already more responsive than normal and she moaned whenever his hand brushed a nipple. Undoing the clasp of the bra, he slipped the lacy material off so it wasn’t in the way any longer. Caressing the hardened nipples, Diane was really getting turned on and kept pushing up for more of his attention.

Then Diane’s hand slipped down to John’s crotch and began rubbing the raging hardon. Not to be outdone, he dipped his left hand down to the hem of her skirt. Diane immediately spread her legs to allow his hand to slip between the silky thighs. Her breathing was becoming ragged as his hand found the thin material between her legs. Pushing his fingers into the most sensitive pussy, he could feel the wetness right away. Moaning, she leaned into his neck and whispered for him to take it easy, as she were getting pretty hot.

He thought it best to take a trip to the washroom and then pickup some popcorn. The refreshments might keep their minds off sex so they could enjoy the movie. It was worth a try and he got up to leave. Diane asked that maybe he shouldn’t go and leave her all alone, but looking around, everyone was watching the movie and not paying attention to anything else.

Shortly after he left, the guy sitting in the far corner to their left, came over to sit next to Diane in the seat vacated by her husband. Taken back by the bold move, she tried to shift as far over as possible. Suddenly his arm went around her shoulders and she tried to remove it with no success. Forcing her body close to his, he whispered quite sternly in her face, “Don’t go making too much noise or all the guys in this place will be over here to fuck you.” Looking very serious he said, “Now you just sit there and be a real good girl as your husband told me that your fantasy was to get screwed by a stranger.” The lie sounded believable and Diane looked franticly around for any sign of her husband. He also said that her husband had arranged for this to be a special night and not to worry about anything.

Panic stricken, Diane looked around again only to see that nobody was paying any attention to what was happening. There was no one there to help her and she tried to get out of her seat only to be roughly shoved back into it by the stranger. Oh, how could her husband do such a thing? Just wait until she got him home, she thought, I’ll make him sorry for arranging this. The stranger smiled upon realizing that Diane thought this was all pre-arranged.

All her heavy thinking made her prey for his next move. In a flash, his hand was under her blouse, which was already out of her waistband. Quickly, his large hand filled with a bare breast. When his strong, rough fingers closed over a tender nipple, Diane struggled harder to get away. Easily he held her deep in the seat and in a flash, had the buttons undone once again. Her perfectly shaped tits were exposed for this creature and he immediately dropped his hungry mouth to engulf a nipple hardened by the cool air. Sucking it deep into his mouth, he tongued it like it was the sweetest lollipop.

Diane was confused and unable to think of what to do to stop this stranger. Knowing she couldn’t call out as none of these perverts were going to help her, she struggled to get out of his grip. If anything, the other men would join in the fun if they knew what was happening. Helplessly, she watched his head and fingers caressing her vulnerable tits. Oh John, she pleaded, please hurry back and stop this. How could her husband do such a thing, kept passing through her mind?

The truth was that three of this man’s friends had gone to the washroom at the same time and were there to keep her husband away from the movie for as long as their buddy needed. They just stated the facts and said what the choices were; none of them were worth getting beaten over. Younger and stronger, they made a valid point.

Meanwhile, the guy was feasting on two of the most beautiful tits he had ever seen, let alone sucked. Jed had to admit, they had the biggest and hardest nipples. Diane shuddered with the realization that his caresses and kisses were having the wrong affect on her breasts, as he was certainly skilled at what made them enflamed. His one hand left her enlarged nipple and suddenly dropped into her lap. Unable to shift away, Diane felt his fingers search for the hem of her skirt. Finding it, they dipped under and onto her bare thighs. Struggling hard and still trying to get out of his grip, she held her legs tightly together.

Realizing her dilemma, Jed brought his head up to her face and whispered, “Be a real good girl and I won’t call all the other guys up here to join us.” Oh no, what should she do? Next, he nibbled on her ear and bit down hard enough to get her undivided attention. “Now do as you are told and open your legs so I can feel your wonderful pussy? Open your legs so I can put in fingers on your clit and finger fuck you,” he whispered.

Unable to resist for any logical reason, Diane obliged his command and her legs opened slightly. It was all the space he needed and in a wink, his large hand was between her thighs. Pushing outward, he spread her legs, which gave him access to her private treasures. When his fingers pushed against Diane’s wetness, it felt like someone hit her in the stomach. Her breath came short and quick, and she closed her eyes tightly. Maybe he would just go away if she kept her eyes closed and couldn’t see him.

“I like them wet like this, and I love it when girls soak their panties,” he told Diane just before his mean mouth found her lips. Oh, how right he was as she could feel the wetness great his intruding fingers. Damn, why did John insist that she wear these thong panties. Kissing her with a passion, his tongue tried to force her lips apart. A quick, sudden pinch on Diane’s most vulnerable clit was enough to force her mouth to open in utter surprise. His tongue then went to work with demanding kisses.

His fingers went under the elastic and closed on the tender clitoris, rolling it in the juices, which already soaked the area. Diane thought, oh how could this be happening? Around and around he rolled the sensitive bud, and soon her hips were belying her resistance.

Guilt and shame washed over her body as she felt a few quick spasms rocket through her loins. Here this animal was giving her satisfaction completely against her will. His two fingers slipped deep into Diane’s wet channel, capturing the protruding clit between them. He now moved his fingers vigorously from side to side, causing small animal sounds to escape her lips. If only he would stop, just pause for a few seconds, maybe she could regain some control and composure.

Diane could feel her face turn beet red as her hips thrust forward to meet his experienced hand. No, no, this just can’t be happening! As unbelievable as it seemed, she felt a gigantic orgasm building deep inside her burning belly. Her hips yearned for his caresses and every muscle tensed in anticipation. He could feel Diane’s desire and knew she was almost ready to cum.

Leaning into her ear, he whispered, “You are a real woman. I love your cunt and it’s so wet and hot, ready for fucking.” Then he ordered her to lift her skirt up all the way and to remove her panties. He wanted her naked to his touch and knew this would further humiliate her.

Sobbing and her body shaking from the crying she were experiencing, Diane again pleaded with him. “Please,” she begged, “don’t make me do this.” Another wave of shame shot through her body as she realized that if he just sat there, she would do anything this utter stranger demanded. Diane’s loins were inflamed and her cunt was on fire with desire, the likes she had never felt in her life.

Oh, how could this complete stranger be doing this to her, and then she reached for the bottom of her skirt, lifting it all the way to her waist. Another sob racked her lithe body as her fingers, shaking in anticipation, grabbed the elastic waist of the lacy panties. Raising her knees, Diane slowly rolled the thin material down her shapely legs, letting them drop to the floor. A tear silently ran down her flushed cheek.

Never had her body been so alive. Maybe it was the dirty talk, or maybe just the thought of not having any control over what was happening, but Diane shamefully leaned closer to this man. Feeling his body next to hers, she needed him to fuck her now. Low and with a slight moan, she begged, “Fuck me, fuck me.” Every caress, every touch from this man gave her feelings she had not experienced before. Higher and higher he took her until he felt that she was almost to the point of no return.

Diane was so engrossed with what his fingers were doing to her clit that she didn’t even anticipate his next command. He had determined that her next humiliation was to suck his cock. Without her knowledge, he had undone his pants and lowered his clothes to expose his hard, long cock. It needed hot, sucking lips and he was about to take care of that right away.

His next move shocked Diane back to her senses and her breath caught once again. He took her small, delicate hand and moved it to his burning meat. Wrapping her fingers around the thick shaft, he held them firmly so she couldn’t move away. The hot skin singed her hand as she felt the long shaft he had place in her fist. Slowly he pumped Diane’s hand up and down the long pole. Again she felt the guilt and she did not feel the fact that he was violating her, all that went through her mind was the size and hardness of his cock. He moved her small hand up and down and Diane remembered feeling that this was the biggest cock she had felt.

She began pleading with him to stop, leave her alone, please. Determined to regain some composure, Diane continued. Sobbing, she kept begging him to stop right now. It only made him smile and he could feel that she would not resist. She was a hot bitch and without anyone here to help her, she would do anything he demanded. When he saw her husband feeling those gorgeous boobs and then remove her bra, he knew she was ready for some sex. He watched her squirm and roll her hips when hubby fingered her pussy. Yes, this was one hot woman and he decided to get his buddies to help him with this one.

“It’s time to suck baby,” he told Diane and it took a few seconds for it to sink in. Meanwhile, his free hand moved to her head and guided it down. She opened her eyes wide and saw the monster, as her face got closer. Another nudge and the flared head was against her lips. Diane knew what was expected and didn’t know of any way to prevent what was going to happen. Another little push and it slipped between her lips. With the help and guidance of his hand, her mouth was moving up and down his long cock. Diane could taste the salty pre-cum and the animal made sure to release a few more shots for her to taste.

Diane had to keep her fist around the shaft so she could prevent him from ramming his entire length into her throat. Almost like being in a trance, she obediently moved the cock in and out of her hot cavity. This made him extremely happy and soon his seed was building towards a final climax. No way out now, Diane sucked the monster, as he demanded. His hips began to shift back and forth in the seat as the impending orgasm neared. He just couldn’t believe his luck in getting such a beautiful, sexy woman to fall under his control.

Suddenly his hips thrust up and held steady for a brief moment. Then the first powerful shot of hot lava rushed down her throat. Diane attempted to pull back but he held her head firmly in place as he now jerked his weapon up and down, releasing the venom into her captive mouth. Never one to give many blowjobs, Diane swallowed quickly so as not to suffocate from all the cum he shot into her.

Shamed by these filthy actions taking place in the public theater, Diane could feel her erotic emotions rising even higher. Unable to control the passion, her thighs pressed together tightly, squeezing her pussy lips in an attempt to put pressure on her clit. With her seated in her seat, then leaning over to put her mouth on his bulging cock, her big tits were exposed below her chest. Realizing Diane’s heightened passionate state, he reached under her upper body with both hands, his fingers catching the hard nipples as her boobs swung freely.

The orgasm built and finally exploded as she swallowed the last shots of white lava. Never in her life had she climaxed without someone actually caressing her cunt. Here she was, experiencing a violent orgasm because this bastard demanded her body do so. Spasm after spasm rocked Diane’s thin body and just by squeezing her thighs together, her pussy exploded. Thankfully, her mouth was full of his big cock so the loud moans didn’t escape her throat. Sucking harder, she drained every last ounce of cum from his balls and he was amazed at the skill she possessed. No cocksucker had ever given him such an expert blowjob.

Eventually the explosions subsided in Diane’s loins and her muscles began to relax. Fatigue and exhaustion were setting in and she freely gave in to his next actions. He grabbed her body, raising it up to his. Then he kissed her deeply, square on the lips and with his darting tongue, demanding Diane’s reaction. Passionately he kissed, soon bringing the desired reaction from her tired body.

Skillfully, his hand reached down, down her sweaty body until his fingers traced a path across her flat tummy. Further down, the tip of his middle finger slipped between the soaked pussy lips to press firmly on the swollen clit. Instantly, Diane’s cunt was on fire as he madly rolled the wetness under his finger. Now vigorously, he demanded her hips meet the speed of his caresses on the tender clitoris. Faster her hips jerked in retaliation and Diane sobbed as she realized this monster was taking her to newer heights. Unable to stop her hips from joining him, he controlled every facet of her being.

Leaning to the side and whispering in her ear, he said, “Fuck me baby, fuck me. I want your cunt now.” Furiously now, he pumped the swollen clit and the orgasm rushed to a peak. Up and up he took her body and Diane was not able to resist in any way. Determined to not make too much noise, she attempted to keep her mouth tightly shut so the moans could not be heard throughout the theater. When his sharp teeth closed over a throbbing nipple, her orgasm exploded. Harder he bit down but the pain was quickly forgotten. Nothing in the world could have stopped this violent eruption and it seemed to go on forever. Fingers buried in her cunt, mouth over one nipple, and his fingers on the other, he possessed Diane’s entire life in his control.

During the last few seconds of the passionate scene, one of Jed’s buddies who had been guarding her husband came back into the seating area. In the dim light, Ron witnessed the perfect body going through the throes of a most violent orgasm. All he could think was how lucky Jed was to get his rocks off with this babe. Glancing around the theater, he could see that even the low sounds coming from the pair were noticed by some of the patrons. They were looking enviously back to the two lovers. A couple of the others were matching the pair with their passionate clutches. He could feel his raging hardon yearn for some of the action.

What the hell, Ron thought, who was going to stop him. Like a cat, he crawled over to where the two were seated. Taking the seat next to Diane, he quickly released the waistband of his jeans and lowered his clothes. Up popped his hardon, jerking proudly up and down but hidden by the darkness. Jed noticed his buddy and understood what his intensions were.

The spasms had quieted in Diane’s body and she was sitting motionless, back in her seat. Her skirt was still rolled up around her slender waist and her blouse was completely off her chest. The sight made Ron even more excited and he instantly dove for her treasure. Luckily he was not too big a man, and he easily slipped between the rows of seats. Before Diane realized what was going on, he spread her legs wide to allow his body to fit between them. Lifting her head to see where the movement was coming from, she saw this other stranger attack.

In a flash, his hot mouth closed on Diane’s pussy. Pushing his strong tongue between the lips, he attacked the protruding clit with a determined passion. Reaching down with her hands, she grabbed his head and attempted to move it off her searing crotch. Diane tried in vain to resist but the two men held her firmly in her seat. There was no room for her to struggle or to get this new assaulter to stop.

Ron’s arms went over her wide spread thighs, reaching behind her to grab her flesh and easily holding her lower body steady. Looking down, Diane could see the top of his head and the helplessness of the situation caused low begging sounds from her throat. No, no she kept repeating as she wished him to stop kissing her exposed pussy. Hungrily he ate her cunt and every now and then would release her clit only to push his tongue deep into her vagina.

Almost as fast as he attacked, Diane’s loins felt new shocks of passion. He could smell the sex aroma drifting up from her cunt and it was like a drug to his possessed mind. Reaching down between his legs, he grabbed the thick shaft of his cock with one hand and began pumping it for self-gratification.

Diane’s body was reacting to the caresses and her head rolled from side to side as she felt the futile attempt of resisting these bastards. Hungrily Ron sucked and nibbled, all the while pumping his iron. Soon the flames of desire were roaring again and the orgasm started to wash over her body. Every nerve seemed to be extremely alive and these men were feasting on every one of them.

Back to School


I had gone out with Cindy a fair number of times. They were almost all concerts, art openings, lectures and operas. The relationship was Platonic with no sex or romance, she was tentatively engaged to the son of her father’s law partner who was in law school back east. Her mother was usually waiting for us to come home, I thought to make sure nothing was happening. On a few evenings, her mother would ask me in and we all talked about the program we had seen. Some evenings Cindy got tired and went to bed while we talked into the night. I rarely saw her father, only when I picked her up or a few times they invited me to dinner.

Summer came and I got a construction job on an expansion of the Interstate. It was outdoors and paid enough to get me back to school. I got a day off to move into a new apartment. I finished and went to the Market for something for dinner. I was reaching for a Frozen Pizza when I noticed someone reaching in beside me. It was Mrs. M, Cindy’s mother. I said hi, and asked her how Cindy was. She said she had gotten married last week and they had tried to find me to invite me. Then she said she couldn’t offer me any more than a fresh salad to go with the Pizza but did I want to come to have dinner at her house tonight.

When I got there, she asked me to open a bottle of wine and we had a few glasses and talked. The pizza was OK with the wine and salad. She cleared the table and said she would do the dishes later. I followed her into the kitchen and said I would help her now. We finished and she turned to me and said thanks. Then she raised up and kissed me. Our lips locked together as I gave her a hug.

The next thing I knew she had her arms around my neck, her tongue in my throat and was pressing me against the counter with her pelvis. I helped by grabbing her ass and pulling her closer as we kissed. Our tongues entwined. I put a hand on a breast, She put a hand at my crotch. She looked up at me and smiled, either in response to the lust on my face or the bulge swelling in her hand. She undid my pants and as I was sliding them down and stepping out of them, she reached under her skirt and pushed her panties down. We kissed again with her hand on my prick which she had pulled over my shorts.

With an “Oh Wow!” she pulled me down on the floor, hiked her skirt up and guided my cock into her cunt. I didn’t know how long she had been thinking about this but her cunt was already moist and I got in with little difficulty. She was looking straight into my eyes as I started to pump with long strokes. Then she was raising her ass off the floor, doubling the driving of my prick. “Oh! God! Great!” I felt her cunt grab by cock and spasm as she threw her head back. I wasn’t even close. I slowed down a bit and after she relaxed, I started in again. In a few moments she was arching up against me, driving her pussy against me. As she had another spasm, I came, flooding her with hot sperm.

We lay on the kitchen floor for a while, running our hands over each other and kissing. “Can we do it again?”

“Maybe some where more comfortable.”

We went up stairs to the master bedroom. I helped her remove her clothes and when I pulled off her bra, a firm pair of tits with large, pointy nipples sprung free. I said that she had certainly hid them well as I clamped my mouth on one. It responded quickly to my sucking and she was pushing them alternately into my mouth. We got the rest of my clothes off and settled on the master bed. When she grabbed hold of my pick it was already hard. I scooted up until it was even with her face and waved it in front of her mouth. She gave it quick kisses around the head and up and down the shaft. When she didn’t suck on it, I grabbed her by the hair and slid my cock along her lips trying to get it in. She pulled back and said that she hadn’t ever done this before. She did get the head between her lips and ran her tongue around the top and pulled away. I laid her back and put my face on her pussy. She tried to push me away.

“No one has done that to me before either.” I dove right in licking along the slick inside surfaces until she relaxed and then up, searching with my tongue for her clit. She started having small spasms as I continued licking and was then humping her pussy against my mouth.

” I want to feel you inside me.”

This time we went much more slowly, with her looking down as my cock moved into her cunt. I alternated between burying it to the hilt and rubbing the top and head against her clit. I explored every available spot. Her ass was moving to meet my thrusts. It felt like she was guiding my cock to the places she wanted it most. She started to come again and her pussy started milking me. Finally I slammed it in pushing it hard against the top of her cunt and we came almost together. She smiled at me and said it was the best sex she had ever had. She was the best I had had.

I had to go back to work the next week and then school started. I was a teaching assistant plus was on construction weekends. One day she came into the office where the students come for help and sat at my table. I asked which problems she was having trouble with and she said, “Well Professor it’s my sex life.” Then she said that her husband was out of town and she could offer me something better than Pizza for dinner on Thursday.

She was wearing a skirt and silk blouse that clearly showed her nipples and large tits. We talked during dinner but my mind was on something else. While clearing the table and doing the dishes I rubbed against her each time we got close. A grab at her ass revealed she was not wearing panties, and after a few squeezes of her tits, the nipples were standing out glaring through the shirt. We went back to the living room and sat on the sofa. We kissed for a while. She reached over and undid the button and fly on my pants, smiled at me and said she was ready this time. She pulled my dick out and after kisses around the head and along the shaft she proceed to put most of the head in her mouth. After running her tongue around it she started to suck it in. She would take about and inch and pull it out and the put it in an inch further. I felt the head reach the back of her mouth and when she pulled back she smiled up at me.

“How am I doing?”

” I don’t know what you’ve been practicing on but you are great.” The hardness of my cock emphasized the point.

On the next pass she got the head to her throat without even a gag. She started to slide it in and out and I arched up to meet her motion until I felt my come rising. I didn’t really want to come in her mouth.

“Now I want to fuck your hot pussy.”

We stood, I peeled off her shirt and skirt and moved behind her cupping her breasts in my hands and pinching her nipples. My cock was lying against the crack in her ass. I pusher her onto her knees on the sofa and knelt behind her. A couple of swipes along her pussy with my fingers suggested she was ready and I ran my cock up and down her pussy and finally started it in. After it was mostly in, I grabbed the cheeks of her ass and kneaded them and slapped them gently as I worked the rest of my cock in.

I was soon up against her ass. I thrust in with long strokes. There was a distinct smacking noise as the cheeks of her ass banged against me. I reached around and got one hand on her breast and a finger rubbing across her clit. She started meeting my thrusts with such vigor that I thought she might knock me over backwards, and finally her cunt ran ripples up and down my cock as she came.

We rested for a while and I must have fallen asleep. I was awakened by soft lips running over my soft cock. Then she had the whole thing in her mouth and tongued it until it’s rising size filled her and the rigid shaft slowly emerged from her wet lips. I rolled her onto her back and entered her again.

As I was leaving she said that she didn’t know when her husband would be out of town again and could she see me some afternoon. I said I could come by her house next Wednesday at noon.

When I got there she was wearing a bathrobe which she slid off as I shut the door behind me. She had on a pair of skimpy panties and a lacy bra that barely covered her nipples. She turned around a couple of times pushing out her tits and ass. She kissed me and grabbed my crotch and then went up the stairs, wiggling her ass seductively and smiling over her shoulder.

In the master bedroom she reached down, undid my pants and pushed them down around my ankles. She pushed me back on the bed and climbed up straddling my legs and took my rapidly rising cock into her mouth. She sucked me for a while but before I came, I pulled her up on top of me. I watched as she opened her pussy lips with one hand, grabbed my cock with the other and inserted it. I then watched the look on her face and the sway of her tits as she slowly lowered herself on my shaft. I left her to totally control the pace which started out slowly and gained momentum. She was rotating her ass in circles moving my cock around like stirring a pot. She came with several small spasms and as I started to meet her thrusts, a giant convulsion. Her body was burnished with sweat as she collapsed on to of me.

After a few minutes, I propped her up on her hands and knees and fucked her from behind. I reached around and rubbed my fingers over her clit. As I felt she was about to come, I got my finger all slick with juice from her cunt and slid the first joint into her ass She was trying to pull away. After she had calmed down a little, I slid another joint in then was sliding the length of my finger in and out of her ass. She was finally wiggling and pushing back. I pushed my cock back in her pussy to get it wet and then placed it against her sphincter and started pushing in. She pulled away and spun around till she was siting on the bed and said no. I grabbed her head roughly and shoved my cock into her mouth and said, “Suck bitch!” I kind of fucked her mouth slapping her occasionally, maybe harder than I intentioned, until I came. I held her head from pulling away as I filled her mouth until come was dripping out the sides. I pulled my cock out, wiped it over her face. I got ready to leave.

“Have your ass ready next time.” I walked home.

Next Wednesday she picked me up at the university and when we got to her house said that her husband was out of town so we didn’t have to rush. I took her up stairs, peeled off her clothes and laid her on the bed. I got a bunch of ties from her husbands rack and tied her spread eagle to the bed. I licked her tits and pussy until she was squirming and I thought she was about to come, I got up and walked to the door. She pleaded with me to come back and finisher her off. I went down stairs and got a beer from the refrigerator and had just popped the top when I heard a voice.

“So you’re the stud.” I saw an attractive woman about Mrs. M’s age standing just inside the door. She she said she was Diann, Carol’s best friend. “Where is she?” I moved over quickly and grabbed her by the wrist. She tried to pull away and I said to follow me and essentially dragged her up the stairs. I stepped behind her and thrust her through the bedroom door. She gasped as she saw Mrs. M. I shifted my grip to hold both arms just above the elbows. She struggled until realizing she could not get away.

“I have to go.”

“Carol needs your help. “

I skidded her over to the bed an then pusher her face down into Mrs. M’s pussy.

“She has been screaming she needs to come. You can start by licking this hot cunt.” Mrs. M tried to pull away and might have shredded the ties holding her but I grabbed her ankle and pushed our visitors face down further, holding her by the hair. I think she liked the idea because after a few tentative swipes with her tongue, she was licking away like she really enjoyed it. Then she had her fingers running up and down along the sides and pulling the lips back for easier access. Mrs. M was soon smiling and pushing her pussy against Diann’s face.

I pulled and pushed Dianna up until her knees were on the bed then hiked up her skirt to reveal a plump ass in lace panties. I pulled them off and lowered my mouth to her pussy, pushing the cheeks of her ass apart as she moved her legs further apart to give me better access. I licked her for a while as she continued on Mrs. M. I then pulled my pants off and soon had my prick buried to the hilt in Diann’s cunt. The rhythm was a little rough between my thrusting into her cunt and her trying to keep her tongue on Mrs. M, who was squirming.

Mrs. M came first, then Diann followed quickly by me shooting my load deep into her pussy. I pulled Diann up and pulled off the rest of her clothes, revealing large tits that had been in an industrial sized bra. I took her around to Mrs. M and said “Kiss her and tell her how much you enjoyed it.” As they kissed, I found some KY jelly in the bathroom and started applying it to Mrs. M’s ass and running my fingers into the little bud. Diann looked on in disbelief until I told Mrs. M to tell her what was going to happen.

“He is going to fuck me in my virgin ass.”

I undid the ties and propped her up on her hands and knees and told Diann to hold her. I slid my cock into her pussy for a few swipes and finally started it into her ass. The initial entrance went slowly and Mrs. M was shrieking. I was about to give up when the head slipped in. After a brief rest, I started in with more authority. Mrs. M had her face buried in Diann’s breasts and Diann had her hand on Mrs. M’s. I was sliding in a bit more freely and Mrs. M started moving her ass to meet my strokes. I reached around and found her clit. After a few more strokes and rubbing, she started to come. I pulled my hand back and started to slap her ass. Her body convulsed over my prick with each swat. By the time I came, there were big red marks on her ass. She collapsed on the bed.

I got up, took Diann by the hand, and led her into the bathroom where I had her wash my cock. Later the three of us lay on the bed with the girls on either side of me and our hands all over each others bodies. I leaned against the headboard, and pushed each girls face to my crotch and slowly regenerating cock. I was in heaven as they both licked up the sides. Mrs. M took the head into her mouth and then passed it over to Diann. She laid her lips over the head and then backed off and started talking. “I don’t really know what I’m doing. My husband doesn’t seem to be into oral sex. I wondered what it was all about.”

“Shut up and be a good little cock sucker. Get as much in your mouth as you can.” She was surprisingly good at it. After she had gotten accustomed to having it in her mouth she was sucking it in like she really enjoyed it. They took turns sucking until my cock got good and hard. I put them side by side on their backs with their legs up over their tits and alternated slamming my cock into them hard and deep. It was a little to frantic for great sex but they both came.

The next week was busy so I was not too disappointed when I didn’t get a call Wednesday. I went to a gallery opening on Friday and ran into Diann. she said that Mrs. M had gone to visit her daughter and that she had wanted to call but was unsure and didn’t know my number. Could she see me tomorrow while her husband was out of town?

I explained that I worked on weekends but gave her my number and address.

When I got home from work Saturday night, Diann was siting on the sofa in my apartment talking to my roommate Gene and drinking a glass of wine. She said she had just got there and Gene had told her to wait for me. Gene said she didn’t say what she wanted. I said she wanted to get fucked in the ass at which she got up and said she had to leave. I moved in front of her and grabbed her and gave her a kiss at which she responded by sucking my tongue down her throat. I stuck my hands on her ass down inside her skirt. She broke the kiss and said that she really shouldn’t do this and that she had to go, all the time rubbing her pussy against my crotch.

Gene came up behind her and she put her arms up as he pulled her shirt over her head. I grabbed her wrists and held her arms above her head. “Let me go! I don’t want to do this. I’ve never done this before. I hardly know you.” All the time she was wiggling her hips to help Gene get her skirt and panties off and lifted her feet as he pulled them away. He undid her bra and her large pale tits with big brown aureoles, spilled out . He grabbed them and pinched the nipples until they were hard and purple. As he shifted his attention to her pussy, she spread her legs to give him better access while rubbing her nipples against my shirt.

I pulled her arms down and placed her hands on my pants where she undid them and freed my almost hard prick. We went to the sofa where she sat between us with a cock in each hand. She alternated taking licking swipes at the head of each but finally settled down to suck on Gene, with her ass in my lap. I started sliding my fingers along her pussy and finally in. I was pulling moisture out and rubbing it around the outer lips. I finally got three fingers in and was sliding them in and out and over her clit. I tried to get some lubrication on her ass hole but there was not enough. I slapped her ass and got up and went to the kitchen to get some olive oil. By the time I got back she had Gene lying on the floor and she was guiding his prick into her cunt. He was running his hands over her swaying tits as she rode his big cock. I noticed that her chest was turning bright pink as she threw her head back and banged down on Gene while wailing that she was coming. She collapsed on him. After they had rested a minute, I got down behind her and started rubbing the oil over her ass hole. I inserted a finger.

“No, don’t do that. I have never done this before. Don’t hurt me.”

“It is extra virgin olive oil for your extra virgin ass.” I got my finger all the way in and let her get used to it. She relaxed quickly. I slowly removed it and replaced it with the head of my cock. She screamed a few times as the head was going in but finally relaxed for the rest. Her ass was tight but it didn’t take long before I was moving freely and she was moving back to meet my strokes. Finally I told Gene that she was ready and he scooted under her. Soon I could feel Genes cock sliding into her cunt. We fumbled around for a few minutes and finally settled into a rhythm. I was amazed how strong she was as she moved that big ass up and down trying to get as much cock as she could. I came shortlly followed by Diann, who collapsed on poor Gene. I was tired after my day at work and lay down on the floor and slept.

I awoke in a few hours and went to the bathroom to clean up and get ready for bed. As I passed Genes room she was straddling Gene on the bed with his cock in her mouth. She smiled up at me as I looked in.

On Tuesday Mrs. M called. “How dare you go out with my best friend while I was away. Who is Gene? Can you come over on Thursday?

I got to her house at 7 and said that we were going out. She said she couldn’t be seen out with me. I said that no one would recognize her. We went up stairs where I helped her get ready. We put on lots of makeup, put her hair up over her head, a short skirt and a tank type top. It barely contained her large tits and the nipples were outlined clearly, especially after I pinched them to make sure they would show. We went to a bar and grill down by the Interstate construction site. She walked from the parking lot sort of hunched over and hiding behind me. When we got to the door I slapped her on the ass and told her to stand up straight and show of those bit tits, then pushed her in the door. I think everyone had looked her over by the time we got to a table. We had fish and chips with some wine for Mrs. M, which she drank three glasses. By the time we were through the lights were turned down and some music was playing as the place filled up with the evening crowd.