Amanda’s Roommate Amber


I was over Amanda’s place hanging out. We were just relaxing on the couch watching some TV. It was a warm fall day so she was wearing a pair of tight gym shorts and a T-shirt. She was about 5’4 with nice size breasts. She had curly hair that she always clipped behind her head. Her legs looked silky smooth. She had no shoes on showing her cute feet. She was nice and firm the way a 20-year-old is. I had a crush on her from the first day I saw her. It took all of last semester to start talking to her and getting to know her. Now this semester we have be hanging out a lot, but no action. She always seemed aloft and uninterested in me. That was about to change.

Amanda and I had hung out a few times, mostly to study, but we had both decided to just to take a day and veg. We were watching some silly movie from the eighties. We were laughing and making jokes. After a while she had gotten a lot closer to me. I just couldn’t believe I was this close to this lovely girl. She turned to me and said “I want to thank you for all the times you helped me study.”

“No problem” I responded, stare at her beautiful blue eyes. “It helps me to learn the material too.”

“I want to show you how much I appreciate your help, but I am not sure if it is the best way”

“Anything would be fine,” I said but there was only one thing I wanted. I wanted to fuck her hard.

A smile came to her face. “I think I know of a way and I think you are thinking the same thing.” as she placed her hand on my leg. “Don’t think I haven’t noticed the way you look at me.” She moved her hand up a little further. I couldn’t speak I was lost in her eyes and smile. “I like it when you look at me. It makes me feel sexy. It makes me want to do naughty things.” She reached over with her other hand and started to undo my pants. I started getting aroused. She grabbed my dick and started to stroke it. “You are so cute I wanted to do this since the start of the semester.” It felt so good as she rubbed my erection up and down with her hands. She rubbed the tip with her thumb, as I leaned over to kiss her.

Amanda pushed me back and got up and straddled me. We resume our kissing. Her mouth tasted so good. I started to kiss her neck. I pulled off her shirt next and she removed her bra. Her tits looked better then I could imagine. I started to kiss and caress them. Her nipples were rock hard. I sucked on them a little, teasing them with my tongue. She undid her hair clip releasing her hair. She looked so sexy with her hair hanging over her face. She was moving her hips around on my lap, grinding into my shaft. It was driving me crazy.

“Let’s go into the bedroom so my roommate doesn’t disturb us.” She said. I had forgotten that her roommate, Amber, was in her bedroom studying. She proceeded to grab my dick and lead me into her bedroom with it. Where she pushed me back on to her bad and pulled my pants off. She proceeded to suck me off. Her mouth moved around my rod. She licked it up and down and engulfed it. Sliding up and down, she was sucking for all she was worth. I was moaning like crazy. She was pounding her head up and down on my dick taking me completely into her on the down stroke. It felt so good to be getting a blowjob from Amanda. She was so aggressive. She played with my balls. “I bet these balls have a lot of cum in them” She stated, “I want to see you cum.” She licked my shaft from base to tip. “I want to see how much you got.”

But I didn’t want to cum just yet. I pulled her up and started to kiss her. “It’s your turn now.” I flipped her on the bed. I started to kiss my way down her body. Her neck, her chest, her tits, and her stomach. I started to pull down her shorts and underwear. I started to rub her pussy and she was so wet already. I licked her legs up to her pussy. It was shaved except for a little love trail. Just the way I like it. I started to lick her clit. It was nice and swollen. I started to take it my mouth and kiss it and suck on it. I licked her pussy up and down. I spread her lips and stuck my tongue into her hole. As I tasted her juices, she was moaning like crazy. “Yeah, That’s the way I like it. Eat my pussy, baby. Make me cum.”

“Oh yes” she yelled as I picked up the pace. “Just like that. Keep it up baby. Fuck me with your tongue. I want to fucking cum.” She was moving her hips all over the place. I had to really grab her hips and hold her down as I ate her pussy. Her juices tasted so good. I was slurping them up. But they just kept coming. “I am almost there, I am Cumming.” As I heard that, I slipped a couple of fingers into her pussy and she was overcome with an organism. She screamed like a banshee.

“Oh my god. I want you to fuck me now” she pleaded as she rubbed her tits with her hands. Her legs were bent at the knee with her feet on the bed. “I want to feel you inside me. I want you to fuck me hard.” I was more then happy to comply.

I stood up and showed her my hard dick. “Is this what you want?”

“Oh yeah, give it to me baby. Fuck me. Make me Cum!”

I rubbed my dick on the outside of her pussy. Right on her lovely pubes. “Oh, please put it in to me,” She begged, rubbing her body up and down. Then I lowered it and slipped it in. She let out a cry as I slipped into her wet hole. She felt so good wrapped around my dick. I started to move in and out of her.

“Yes, that what’s I want. It feels so good. Fuck me, I want to cum again.” She moaned. I started to move faster. “Oh god, yeah.” She had her arms behind her head against the wall. Her tits were bouncing up and down as I penetrated her over and over again. She screamed in pleasure as an organism ripped through her. I took her legs and put them spread eagle. I really started to pound her wet pussy. “Ohhhh Yyyeaahhh!” She stuttered. She felt so good and hearing her cry out just made me hotter.

I slid out for a second and moved her around the bed so I could get on the bed and climb on top of her. I wanted to fuck her real hard. I pushed her legs against her body, putting her into the fetal position. I started pounding downward. She arched her back as she cried “Oh god, Yes, Oh God!” over and over again. Just then she stuttered with moans of pleasure between my strokes in “I Want To See You Cum.” She started to organism again and this time I wasn’t going to be able to hold back.

So I pulled out and climber over her stomach and started jerking off. She moved my hands aside and finished me off herself. I shot a huge load right on to her chest.

“Oh you had a lot in there” she said

“It was all for you baby.” I responded as I leaned over her and kissed her. “I am going to have to hang out with you a lot more.”

“Definitely” she said as she looked over the present that I left her on her chest, rubbing it in with her hands.

After our furious love making, Amanda and I lay on the bed and held each other. She was on the outside with her back to me. I kissed her neck softly. I looked over her naked body, thinking how lucky I was to have been able to bang this glorious woman. “That was incredible. Your incredible” I said to her.

“Uh huh” she grunted back. “It feels so good to be in your arms. If you hadn’t cum when you did, I wouldn’t have known how much more I could have taken. I never felt so good.”

“Trust me baby, you made all the difference. I love it when a girl knows what she wants.”

“You make that easy.”

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. And as we lay there naked, Amanda shouted, “come on in.” I thought what is she doing. Amanda’s roommate, Amber walked into the room swing Amanda’s Bra. In our passion, we had left it in the living room. I started to crawl under the blankets. But Amanda turned to face me and said, “Relax, Amber has seen naked guys before. Not to mention, me naked.” I was taken back by the two girls openness.

Amber was wearing a tight button down shirt along with tight jeans that showed off all her curves. She was a tall girl 5’6 but real skinny, but with ample cleavage and long blond hair. Amber started to speak “I heard all the racket in here. I wanted to see if everything was all right.”

Amanda turned to lie on her back, swinging one leg off the bed. “I couldn’t help myself over this scrumptious morsel.” I couldn’t believe she was acting so casual. I was shocked by her inhibitions. To just lay there naked with a person you just fucked and talk to her roommate, It seemed so unnatural to me.

“Nothing wrong with that” Amber said as she sat down at Amanda’s desk. “But all that noise got me distracted, then it got me horny. I just wish I could’ve watched. You know I like to watch.” I smile came over her face, as she looked me over. She reached down her pants and then pulled her hand out. “See how wet I am.” It was soaked.

“I know but I didn’t want to scare him off” Amanda commented giving me a kiss to reassure me. “What do you say? Do you mind if she watched?” My mind didn’t know what to do. But my head did. My penis immediately got erect again at the idea of making love to Amanda again. She saw it and said, “That’s my boy.” She immediately started to kiss me, probing my mouth with her tongue. She took my dick into her hand. I started to play with her nipples. I had an eye open. I watched Amber started to take her shoes off. She wanted to make herself comfortable. Licking her lips, she looked at my erection with great interest. She looked over and saw me looking at her and gave me a smile.

Amanda turned me on to my back. She had her ass facing Amber as she started giving me a blowjob. Amber leaned over and started to rub Amanda’s Ass. She then proceeded to grab it and start to move Amanda over my face. I helped her over. I looked at Amanda’s pussy in wonderment. It was dripping with so much cum. I started to lick it up. It tasted so good. At the same time, Amanda started to moan as she picked up the pace on my dick. She was teasing the tip with her tongue, just as I was teasing her clit with my tongue. Amber proceeded to remove her shirt and bra. She was playing with her nipples.

I looked over at her amazing tits. She was so hot. It made me want to fuck Amanda harder. I stuck two fingers up Amanda’s hole. “Oh God” she moaned. I move in and out, up and down, looking for her g-spot. Finally, when I heard her yell “Oh Yeah, Right there! Fuck me!” I stated to pound that spot with my fingers. She went nuts. She completely forgot about my dick as she put her head down on me and garbed my legs. She was dripping wet, moaning and yelling. “Oh God, Oh Yes. Yes Baby! Fuck Me! Fuck Me! Ooooh! Yesss!” She then completely collapsed onto me.

I looked over and saw Amber had unzipped her pants and was rubbing her pussy through her underwear. I told her to take off everything. She stood up, slowly slinking out of her tight jeans. She had just a small love trail that showed she was true blond. She had beautiful long legs with c cup tits. She amazing and at the same time I couldn’t believe I had another beautiful girl laying on top of me, whom I had just giving an incredible organism to. My erection was as hard as it ever was.

Amanda rollover to the wall and was facing Amber. She took my rod into her hand, and started stroking it, “This is what you want, right Amber. You want to suck and fuck it. Well forget, it’s mine.” She proceeded to kiss it on the tip. Then she climbed on top of me holding my shaft and slid it into her. “Oh yeah, You feel so good,” she said as she leaned over me with her hands on my chest. She started thrusting up and down. “My roommate wants to ride you but she can’t your all mine” with a laugh she said smiling down at me.

“I am all yours, honey” playing along with her. “I want you to fuck me till I cum up your sweet vagina.” This banter was driving Amber nuts. She had pushed the chair aside so she could lie on the floor. Her legs were spread eagle as she trusted into herself as fast as she could with her hands. She was moaning and grinding in ecstasy. But I paid little attention to her as Amber pounded down on my engrossed penis. She moved up and down at a frantic pace. She was flinging her about. She stopped for a second and I started to tease her nipples. I kissed them as she leaned over me. I played with her clit a little.

Then she started moving her hips forward to back. This drove her nuts and me. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the sensation. All about me I heard the moans and groans of two girls getting off. Amanda was screaming “OH God, Yes, Oh God!” And Amber was moaning “Oh Yeah, Ummm!” Then all of a sudden she let go with an amazing scream of pleasure. This drove Amanda over the edge as she had and organism causing me to shoot my load up into her love canal. She fell on top of me and I started to kiss her.

Amber got up “Thanks for the show. I’ll leave you two alone now. I am going to take a shower and relax on the couch.” You guys fucked amazingly. That was one of the best organisms I ever had.” I totally agreed with her as Amanda kissed me on the cheek.

“The three of us will definitely have to hang out some more, baby,” I said to Amanda as Amber walked out of the room.

“Yeah, baby that’s for sure.” She responded as she played with my dick and testicles. “Anything to have these again.”

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